Time to Hydrate

Time to Hydrate


A refreshing gel-textured cream moisturizer that
activates and locks in moisture as it strengthens
the skin barrier - smoothing skin and providing
a plumped, vital-looking appearance.


Time to Hydrate

AHAVA's Time to Hydrate product line is a
collection of skincare daily essentials that
moisturize for all-day hydration while
helping restore skin's natural balance.

The Science

The Ingredients

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about its hydrating capabilities.


AHAVA's patented blend of Dead Sea Minerals.
Stimulates skin's renewal, elevates skin
moisture level and smoothness.
Found in all AHAVA products.

Urban Complex

AHAVA's exclusive, powerful combination of Dead Sea
Minerals and rare plant extracts. Creates
a double barrier of defense against UV
damage — helping prevent photoaging.
Found in Essential Moisturizing Lotion SPF 15.

Ginger, Cinnamon & Burnet

Provides antiseptic and astringent properties,
controls sebum and minimizes skin pores
helping to refine skin’s surface.
Found in Essential Moisturizing Lotion SPF 15.

Aloe Vera

Prevents moisture loss, while softening,
smoothing and plumping skin.
Found in all Time to Hydrate products.

Kiwi Extract

Kiwi seeds contain high amounts of
polyphenols, which makes it an excellent
tonifying, balancing & revitalizing ingredient.
Found in Active Moisture Gel Cream.

Cucumber Extract

Balances, soothes and hydrates skin while helping to support a bright and even skin tone.
Found in Essential Moisturizing Lotion SPF 15.

Dead Sea Mud

Black mineral mud found in the Dead Sea region
is scientifically proven to restore suppleness
and moisture levels in dry skin.
Found in Hydration Cream Mask.

Shea Butter

Provides the skin with essential vitamins needed
to soften, smooth, and improve health.
Found in Hydration Cream Mask.

Vitamin E

Protects skin against environmental damage
while strengthening its natural barrier.
Found in all Time to Hydrate products except for Gentle Eye Cream.

Flax Seed Extract

High in omega 3 fatty acids, Flax seeds "lock" in
moisture to prevent a dry, dull appearance.
Found in Active Moisture Gel Cream.

clinical tests for

active moisture gel cream

90% of users reported invigorated, vital-looking skin.*

89% of users reported skin is more resilient.*

92% of users reported skin felt softer and smoother.*

Clinically proven: Skin retains 2X the amount of moisture**

*Based on user tests performed over one week by an independent institution.
Tested on 61 women. **Measurement in a clinical study performed by an
independent institution. Tested on 35 women.



"My skin looks healthier because my redness has been reduced and my skin tone is much more even and healthy. It also now has a glow that gives my skin an even more youthful appearance."

Robyn T.


“My skin stayed soft all day even in 20° weather. I looked younger even after the 1st day.”

Angie D.


“My skin looked noticeably healthier and more radiant. I received compliments from my co-workers.”

Jennie L.


“I was hesitant about whether a gel product would be effective on my extremely dry skin, but this product exceeded my expectations.”

Jo-el F.

Essential Moisturizing Lotion SPF 15

"I really like the way this lotion smells and feels. I’ve been looking for a moisturizer with SPF and I think I’ve found it!"

Susan L.

Essential Moisturizing Lotion SPF 15

"It smells wonderful and refreshing. My skin didn’t look greasy of oily like it usually does with other SPF products. It looks hydrated, clean, and healthy."

Erin G.

Essential Moisturizing Lotion SPF 15

"My skin looked hydrated and moisturized as though it was glowing."

Melissa K.

Hydration Cream Mask

"My skin had such a youthful glow that I only used mascara and some lipstick. I didn’t need ANYTHING else on my face. Not only does my skin look healthier, I think it looks younger!"

Jasmine H.

Gentle Eye Cream

"It works wonders with my "laugh lines" around my eyes and smooths them out so they are much less noticeable."


Essential Day Moisturizer, Normal to Dry

"I made the switch and am never going back! This moisturizing cream is to die-for. Not only goes it go on smooth, it smells amazing!"


Essential Reviving Serum

"In just a little over a week of use, my skin is looking and feeling terrific! I especially notice those lines under my eyes are all but gone."


Night Replenisher

“I love this product. I've been using it for a few years now and nothing compares to it.“


Essential Day Combination

"This is the ONLY moisturizer I ever use. It's absolutely perfect. It's light and absorbs quickly and I never have to worry about breakouts."



Active Moisture Gel Cream

A daily moisturizer that delivers Dead Sea water and minerals to skin layers, then actively seals in moisture.

Essential Day Moisturizer - Normal To Dry Skin

Targeted for most skin types, this essential moisturizer provides skin with all-day hydration to keep skin's youthful look.

Essential Day Moisturizer - Combination Skin

An ultra-light moisturizing cream that hydrates and softens without adding shine.

Night Replenisher - Normal To Dry Skin

A night time moisturizer that smoothes dry lines & revives skin.

Gentle Eye Cream

A quickly penetrating eye cream that moisturizes and softens skin.

Hydration Cream Mask

This active, rich, moisturizing cream mask infuses dry skin with intense hydration.

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