Time To Treat

Time to Treat

Facial Renewal Peel

Gentle Action

A rejuvenating rinse-off facial peel that stimulates skin renewal and dissolves dead cells allowing skin to immediately regain radiance, even tone and promote long-term smoothness.


sensitive skin relief

A remarkably calming moisturizer clinically proven to reduce skin redness and increase protection against skin sensitivity. To be used everyday or just when skin needs a little extra TLC.


gentle action

This skin-friendly, wash-off peel uses the power of Dead Sea minerals and Vitamin C to reveal a smoother, softer, more radiant complexion.

The Science

The Ingredients

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AHAVA's patented blend of Dead Sea minerals.
Stimulates skin's renewal, elevates skin
moisture level and smoothness.
Found in all AHAVA products.


A combination of pure vitamin C and Dead Sea Water. Provides immediate skin renewal, clarity & radiance while smoothing skin's surface and evening its tone.
Found in Facial Renewal Peel.

Natural Fruit Acids

A unique blend of natural Lactic (bilberries),
Glycolic (sugar cane), and Citric acids (lemons, oranges,
limes, and pineapples). Eliminates excess dead cells
& promotes softer, more radiant skin.
Found in Facial Renewal Peel.

Soothing Plant Extracts

A combination of skin-soothing extracts including Aloe Vera leaf, Calendula, Allantoin, Sunflower Oil, St. John's Wort, Sea Buckthorn, and Bisabolol. Soothes skin during peel action & prevents irritation from occurring.
Found in Comforting Cream and Facial Renewal Peel.

Flax Seed & Corn Extract

Strengthens skin's natural barrier while restoring luminosity and improving cell regeneration.
Found in Comforting Cream.

Dead Sea Mud

Black mineral mud found in the Dead Sea region
helps to restore suppleness and moisture,
while improving overall skin health.
Found in Comforting Cream.

Narcissus Tazetta Bulb

A soothing natural extract that slows cell proliferation
preventing stress-related skin disorders
while smoothing chapped skin.
Found in Comforting Cream.

Tomato Fruit Extract

An antioxidant-rich fruit extract that contains Lycopene
and protects skin from free radical damage
while acting as an anti inflammatory.
Found in Comforting Cream.

clinical tests

Facial Renewal Peel

100% of panelists declared skin radiance*

96% of users reported smoother skin in just 7 days.*

Comforting Cream

84% of users felt immediate comfort**
and 85% showed an improvement in redness.(1)


"My skin looks so much younger - it is glowing! The tone and texture improved and wrinkles reduced. I love this product!"

Sheryl H.

"My skin looks and feels like I have gone to the spa and received a facial. [It] has a glow and just feels more 'clean'."

Michelle C.

"My skin looks radiant and beautiful and feels wonderful!"

Dendy S.

"My skin looked amazing after the first use. It was so smooth and soft. Each time I use the peel my skin gets better looking - even reduced fine lines."

Sheryl H.


Facial Renewal Peel

A gentle action facial peel that promotes natural cell renewal, revealing a softer and more radiant complexion.

Comforting Cream (Leave On Muds)

A calming moisturizer that reduces redness and discomfort while strengthening skin’s natural barrier.

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