The Birth of Our Dead Sea Beauty

The Dead Sea is our home. We live here, work here and passionately strive to protect this gift of nature for generations to come. "Living and working by the Dead Sea" is a choice made by the founders almost 30 years ago, and is still kept to this day.

So just how did this love story begin?

For centuries, people have been visiting the Dead Sea, seeking skin rejuvenation, collecting its mud and water in small containers to take back home with them to further enjoy the wonders. After years of observation, the company founders took note.

Thus, the brand was founded in 1988, by members of 3 kibbutzim (collective communities), living and working on the banks of the Dead Sea. They were driven by their love of the Dead Sea region, enchanted by the many legends told about the powers of its minerals, and passionately motivated to safely reveal the secrets of the revitalizing minerals on the skin. They marveled at an oasis in the middle of the wilderness, made up of a muddy shoreline holding the Earth's greatest concentration of skin-moisturizing minerals; water filled with a one-of-a-kind, age-delaying algae; and skin-soothing plants that grow in the driest desert conditions.

A Dead Sea Dream Comes True

The founders built their very own laboratories on the shores of the Dead Sea. They started by collecting evidence and testimonials from the many tourists, visitors, local workers and researchers... all of which contributed to building up the first data base that over the years led to AHAVA becoming the definitive Dead Sea mineral skincare expert.

"When the company was established, the first formulas were purchased by a consultant. The first production was done in factories throughout different location in Israel," explains Dr.Ze'eviMaor, AHAVA's Chief Technology Officer, who has been with the company almost from the start. "When there was a decision to become a real company, they decided to build quality control, R&D, and a factory.

I was in my final years of study at University, and when the first CEO came to me and said "I heard that you were studying bio-technology and chemistry, and we are looking to have our own R&D. 'He then proposed that I build R&D from the ground up. It was a dream come true to build something from scratch," Dr.Maor relays. AHAVA is, and has always been the only beauty company that is physically located on the shores of the Dead Sea.

In the Name of Love

Before AHAVA was established, its founders and employees were searching for a good name. It was finally the wife of a visiting potential investor, who sparked the brand name that has endured. She saw the word written on a piece of paper, unknowing of its actual meaning, and fell in love with the structure and the style of the word "AHAVA", the Hebrew word for 'Love'.

AHAVA, or as it's written in Hebrew "אהבה,"

"It was not everyone's decision to call the company AHAVA; most people said that the word would be difficult to pronounce around the world. But we decided to keep it, and it turned out to be the perfectly fitting description of our passion for the Dead Sea, and ultimately making skin-loving, mineral-rich skin care products people will fall in love with," says Dr.Maor.

As the only Dead Sea Beauty company located along the Dead Sea shores, the AHAVA Research and Development laboratory has a long window with a majestic view of the Dead Sea. Each day, this serves as an enduring reminder of commitment to both protecting this Natural Wonder, and for our scientists and dreamers to uncover its mysteries for the benefit of natural beauty and health.

Dr.Ze'eviMaor explains, "AHAVA from the very beginning was a real story. Coming from science, for me, AHAVA is about doing something that you really believe in. We are not a fake company; we have a real passion for what we do. We are actually trying to understand the effects of the minerals on the skin and to learn the best way to formulate Dead Sea actives. This is what we have been doing for the last 27 years. We are the only one that is really located here on the Dead Sea. WE are the real Dead Sea "fishermen", obliged to protect it for generations to come."

When nature and science not only meet, but truly love one another, it's a thing of beauty.