Our Heart Behind the Products

At AHAVA, we hold several core beliefs close to our heart. These govern our passionate, day-to-day quest to give your skin loving, effective care that is natural, honest, effective, and free from undesirable chemical ingredients.

Since our company’s inception, these principles have not changed, and have guided us throughout the years to becoming the Dead Sea’s leading cosmetic brand it is today, a brand that you can trust and love.

Here are those valued, guiding principles:

  1. Your beauty is elemental; it’s underlying and lit from within.
  2. Your beauty isn’t defined by the beauty industry, it’s uniquely yours from within – to discover and grow into over time – natural radiance, not artificial glamor.
  3. Nature and science should sustainably work in balance.
  4. Our ingredients should be good for you, and good for the world.
  5. We believe in sustainably protecting this Natural Wonder, and giving back to the region.

The Discovery by the Sea

In June, 1989, a mineral water sample was collected from a distinct pool at the shallow southern part of the Dead Sea. The “pool” was naturally disconnected from the sea and favored by local Dead Sea employees, for soaking at the end of a long, hard work day.

After testing the mineral composition of the pool at AHAVA’s laboratory, scientists found that this solution was perfect for healing a variety of skin ailments! There was a reason after all why people frequented the pool, as they realized they could achieve muscle relaxation, and calmer, softer, suppler skin.

The solution was extremely rich in magnesium and also contained a unique balance of calcium, potassium and sodium - a 100% creation of nature, packed with bio-activation powers to energize the flow of essential nutrient held deep within, to the outer skin layers.

This ground-breaking discovery of Dead Sea minerals, led to the meticulously balanced blend, named the Osmoter™, for how it resembles the biological process of Osmosis (wherein molecules pass through a membrane from an area of high concentration, to lower concentration).

Whenever applied to your skin, this unique mineral blend regulates the activity of your skin’s natural biological pump. Internationally patented, the Osmoter™ is the exclusive driving force (and secret sauce) behind all AHAVA products.

This key ingredient is formed as a natural result of a solar evaporation process that leads to precipitate sodium chloride out of the mineral blend and gain a Magnesium enriched composition. It contains scientifically balanced levels of essential minerals including four major elements: Magnesium (Mg), Sodium (Na), Potassium (K) and Calcium (Ca), which have all been proven to optimize skin cell functions.

The Osmoter™ is the fruit of years of fundamental research, a balanced combination proven to help the skin retain its natural moisture and lessen dryness. It also helps the skin reduce inflammations and aging. It rests at the heart of all AHAVA products - a unique blend of mineral-rich Dead Sea water, that leaves your skin feeling baby soft, as though you'd just emerged from the healing waters of the Dead Sea.

See Real Benefits, from the Sea

The profound effects of Osmoter™ on your skin have been independently approved by Europe’s prestigious Dermatest Institute. Their findings revealed that this powerful mineral compound is tremendously beneficial to the skin’s key functions.

The Osmoter™

Difference Proven to:

  • Elevate moisture and nourishing elements toward the upper skin layers, where they are needed most. This significant moisture boost leaves your skin soft, hydrated and supple.
  • Gently restore form and function of your skin’s cells, re-igniting vitality and energy held deep inside, for a youthful radiance, lit from within. Your skin’s well being and youthfulness are boosted.
  • Reinforce skin's natural immunity to (protection from) the sun's damaging UV rays.
  • Smooth skin, and delay the aging process (by naturally empowering your skin's revitalization processes).

If you are wondering how you can obtain all of these benefits for your own skin, AHAVA incorporates the Osmoter™ into nearly every single product! Try out our new Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter™ X6 Facial Serum for an entirely impactful experience and expect smoother, happier, more glowing skin.