Ever wondered how cherry tomatoes were created, or how the world’s smallest video camera was invented? As it turns out, both of these inventions, along with many more came from the Start-up Nation of Israel. Despite its challenges in size, geography and natural resources, Israel has continued to represent a hub of innovation and creativity, bringing you and the world, life-improving inventions and powerful creations.

Israel’s creativity comes from its inhabitants. Living on land made up of 60% desert, Israelis have learned to make the most of nature's gifts - and limitations – inventively working with what is available, to improve the world. Here at AHAVA, with 15 international skin care patents, our scientists and researchers too, embrace the daily work of inventively and sustainably unleashing nature’s secrets from the shores of the Dead Sea to bring you effective, natural and breakthrough skin care.

To further understand the beauty of Israel’s innovation and the exclusive story behind our latest, scientific breakthrough to make your skin radiant and repaired –take a glimpse below! We’ve discovered and developed a delivery system that can transport our exclusive blend of skin-improving Dead Sea minerals, to the inner layers of your skin – resulting in clinically-proven aging repair, wrinkle reduction, and skin glow. This discovery is now known as the Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter™, an advanced facial oil serum, 5 years in the making!

How Israel is Changing the World For The Better

Before we get into the challenges behind the discovery of the Osmoter™, let’s take a deeper look into the reasoning behind Israel’s resourcefulness. According to the book Start-Up Nation, innovation is possible because the government supports start-ups with venture capital and generous research and development funding. Israel has more start-ups per capita than any other nation: one start-up for every 1,844 citizens. Part of this is Israel's open attitude that de-emphasizes status and age. Instead, there's a strong emphasis on talent, drive, and inventive ideas, especially in biotech, healthcare and energy.

  • ReWalk Robotics is in the business of making miracles. The company uses computers and motion sensors to enable paralyzed people to walk and move independently. Using their system, paralympics champion Claire Lomas, paralyzed from the chest down, completed the marathon course at the London Paralympics.
  • Lives have been saved by the PillCam, a tiny camera that's now the standard for discovering and treating disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, making early detection of cancer easier.
  • Rosetta Green uses micro RNA genes to develop improved plants for the agriculture and biofuel industries.
  • If you love your tiny flash drives, thank Dov Moran, who invented them.
  • Opgal'sTherm-App is a low-cost night-vision camera mounted on an Android phone. It's the first - and only - smartphone-based night vision system. And at $1,600, it's a lot more affordable for security patrols, police departments and even army units than standard night-vision systems.
  • Your beautiful Ikea countertops are from Caesarstone, an Israeli company that invented engineered stone, marble and granite, and is now one of Wall Street's biggest success stories.
  • Israeli engineers working at Intel in the 1990s had to really push the skeptical company into realizing that their new MMX technology could change computer processing. That change, now a milestone in the company's history, resulted in the Centrino and Core 2 Duo chips, establishing Intel's lasting reputation as an innovation leader.

The Values Behind Innovation

AHAVA’s story and our discovery of the Osmoter™ coincides with the Israeli spirit of ingenuity. In a recent study we conducted (with the independent Research firm IPSOS-Reid), speaking with groups of Israeli women, we discovered that there are 3 key values which reflect the Israeli spirit:

  1. Helping Others
  2. Love of the Land and Nature
  3. Innovation and Development

As one woman told us:

“I am proud of my nation. Wherever I go around the world, I am proud of Israel and I love this country, which has increasing efforts for recycling and artistry using recycled goods, many initiatives surrounding the environment, and a focus on environmental protection. A lot is being done in this regard and I am proud of this.”

At AHAVA we also feel bound by these values, in everything we do.

Our Chief Technology Office, Dr.Ze’eviMaor explains,

“We are actually trying to understand the effects of the minerals on the skin and to learn the best way to formulate Dead Sea actives. This is what we have been doing for the last 27 years. We are the only ones that are located here on the Dead Sea Shores. Our laboratories have a window with the majestic view of the Dead Sea. That inspires us. WE are the real Dead Sea scientists and stewards, obliged to protect it for generations to come.” As you can see, we take very seriously our role to protect and utilize the Dead Sea for the better. As the leading Dead Sea brand, we are always coming up with new ways to safeguard the surrounding environment while at the same time introducing fresh, high quality products to the market.

Natural Sustainability

At AHAVA, we aim to sustainably marry science with nature. Our skin-friendly products are developed with naturally sustainable earth and water elements that surround our facility on the shores of the Dead Sea. We capture the renewable energy of minerals floating on the sea surface, including natural plants, mud and salt, all of which are rich in nutrients found in high concentrations in this area and nowhere else.

For instance, our Dead Sea Osmoter™ Concentrate is a skin-optimizing serum that recharges, rehydrates and illuminates skin. Light reflecting from healthy, renewed skin looks younger, clearer and smoother. It's a Dead Sea innovation, combining the most advanced science with Israeli creativity.

What Is Osmoter™?

So what is the Osmoter™ exactly? It is our unique balance of Dead Sea minerals, blended and developed into a unique concentrated essence. And it began as a problem-solving challenge. What was the best way to get these minerals directly into the deeper skin layers where they could do their work?

At the 2010 InCosmetics exhibition, we realized that skin care oils were becoming as important to face care as they were to body care. It was the first time that we were challenged to create a pure facial Osmoter™ -based oil. We shared that challenge with our close scientific partner, Professor ShlomoMagdassi of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and head of the Casali Institute for Applied Chemistry. A true innovator and Osmoter™ fan, he took on the challenge with us.

For five years, we shared scientific efforts and clinical studies to invent a new, exclusive, and innovative delivery system for Osmoter™ . Our goal was to transport a pure and high concentration of Osmoter™ through the top layer of skin to the inner layers, where nature's work of rejuvenation and aging repair is done.

Finally, the challenge was met and the new delivery system was established. We transformed the water-based Osmoter™ into solid crystals suspended in a pure oil that would dissolve in the oils and fats within the inner skin layers. This clinically-proven method allows the Osmoter™ to turbo-charge the skin with minerals, stimulating the skin cells to produce a new firmness, elasticity, wrinkle reduction, and glow.

Miriam Oron, AHAVA’s R&D Mananger, explains just how amazing this discovery is because “we’ve been educated in the past that salts are only mixable in water, not in gels oils, or creams, and just to have the concepts of a salt in oil is astounding.”

Now, Crystal Osmoter™ is in all of our products, delivering its breakthrough skin repair for the face and body.

AHAVA's Intensive Research

As you can see, AHAVA has brought that adventurous Israeli spirit to skincare technology. Research & development is the basis of our work, and we're continually looking for new methods to improve the science that drives our products. Now that you know Israeli scientists can change the world, let AHAVA's blend of science and nature change your personal world for the better. Our products use science and natural elements to create a balance between human and environment, allowing skin cells to renew themselves for a healthy glow and texture. It's a beauty that's not defined by fashion, but by a woman herself.