Life In Unexpected Waters

One of the greatest myths of the Dead Sea is that it cannot support life due to its extremely high salt concentration. The truth is, despite its name, the Dead Sea is a vast treasure chest of elements and nutrients that can support both your skin’s beauty and natural radiance.

One such (often overlooked) skin-benefiting gem from the Dead Sea is Dunaliella Salina Alga, a type of algae known for its high levels of antioxidants and skin-transforming properties.

Why are algae so important?

Did you know that algae made it possible for human life to persist? Millions of years ago, algae transformed Earth through the conversion of solar energy into organic matter and oxygen – microalgae created the very air we breathe, and set the foundation for life! As you can now imagine, these algae have properties that are unmatched by other elements, containing the essence of life.

Although Dead Sea’s waters are too saline to contain fish and diverse plant life within its waters, they are filled with age-delaying algae. These single-celled plants are true survivors, both defying the harsh conditions of the saltiest waters on Earth, as well as harsh solar UV light.

Found uniquely in Dead Sea Waters, Dunaliella Salina (for its salt-tolerating capacity) Alga, has evolved a novel mechanism to protect itself from radiation’s damaging impact; it produces a variety of potent “wrinkle-fighting” ingredients such as: Beta-carotene (that biologically converts into Pro Vitamin A while in your skin – In fact, the algae is one of nature’s richest sources of Beta-Carotene), amino acids, Omega 3/6 fatty acids, and essential anti-oxidants and vitamins. As a result, it has effective wrinkle-reducing, skin smoothing and skin-firming ability.

This natural skin anti-oxidant, helps to:

  1. Protect your skin from harmful UV radiation (supports your skin’s natural barrier)
  2. Reinforce your immune system, through boosting the body’s defenses, due to the high presence of natural carotenoids (the same pigments responsible for red, orange and yellow colors of fruits and vegetables).
  3. Slow aging and cell degradation by protecting against free radical damage (which damage cells and cause certain cancers/imbalances in the body).
  4. Vitally support cell metabolism (due to its rich Magnesium content).

Chief Technical Officer for AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories, Dr.Ze’eviMaor (who has been studying Dead Sea Alga for decades) sheds light on this effective, skin care ingredient:

“Some of the best findings on the Dead Sea come from this “creature of the [Dead] Sea.” The algae that grow here have special benefits on the skin, and can protect the skin against certain skin cancers. This alga is able to survive in a very salty, sunny, aggressive environment.”

Dr.Maor further explains:

“The story of Dunaliella Salina is very powerful. Over 100 years ago, people really believed that the Dead Sea was a sterile environment. In the 1940s there was a young scientist who later on became a very famous researcher. In his 30s he went to the Dead Sea to sample minerals. What he found there was an organism that affected the color of the water, which he named Dunaliella Salina. Today we are sustainably using these algae in many of our products. “

AHAVA’s patented 3D complex™ (containing a special blend of Dunaliella Algae Extract, Date Fruit Extract, and the Osmoter ™ patented Dead Sea Minerals) actively works to diminish lines and wrinkles, while smoothing your skin.

Are you ready to unlock the skin-benefiting power of this unsung hero?