You know that ‘can’t be beat’ feeling that intensifies with each sip of your favorite red wine? Or how about the soothing sensation of a hot bath salts soak after a seemingly impossible day? Combining two of the Holy Land’s treasures (Dead Sea salts, and delicious wines), we’ve got the ultimate relaxation recipe for you, to truly take things to the next level.

Bring the Dead Sea Home

For centuries, people have been making the trek to Israel to reap the Dead Sea’s healing properties for a number of ailments and skin concerns. The unique minerals in the soil and mud in and around the Dead Sea bring about what some say are miraculous results. It isn't any wonder that the vineyards of the outlying regions thrive in much the same way, boasting an abundance of nutrient-rich soil and producing flavorful grapes that are artfully turned into incredible wines. Even in the arid desert areas in southern Israel, wine growing has been made possible with the advent of drip irrigation technology.

Wine for All

During the Tel Kabri excavations in upper Galilee in 2013, a wine cellar was found -- and not just any wine cellar -- this one predates the Bible, with tests showing it to be around 3,700 years old. It held jugs that would have contained the equivalent of 3,000 bottles of wine, all for the enjoyment of residents and guests of the beautiful palace. A cataclysmic event (perhaps an earthquake) destroyed this palatial storage room long ago, but its discovery proves that Israel has had its finger on the pulse of fine wine production for at least several millennia.

Drink It All In

The Dead Sea experience rejuvenates and reconnects you with your inner and outer beauty. Dead Sea travel offers sunny days, cool desert nights, scenic landscapes, delicious food, rich libations and luxurious dips in healing waters. And, there's no better way to round out this enchanting experience than with a tour of some of the Holy Land's finest wineries.

Whether you're a wine aficionado or just enjoy the occasional glass, the vineyards in Israel have a beautiful surprise in store for you. In recent years, many Israeli wineries, such as Golan Heights, Tishbi, Yarden and Flam have made it into the limelight, because of their unique nuances, and the world is starting to take notice.

Tishbi Estate 2009 Cabernet Savignon is an excellent choice for a mid-range wine with lots of subtle and not-so-subtle notes, including cloves, cedar, vanilla and blackberries, rounding out with oak and berry nuances. Don't forget a good white, such as Flam Blanc 2012. With its light citrus flavor, the crisp fruitiness of this wine makes a great choice for pairing with fish, salads or cheese dishes.

The Judean Hills wine region (with most points being about two hours' drive away) lies closest to the Dead Sea, and offers truly captivating vintages, many of which can be experienced at the Israel Wine-Tasting Festival held every summer. Because it is only a two-hour drive to Jerusalem, some organized tours start here and then meander through the hills, introducing you to wonderful people and wonderful wines along the way. True oenophiles can also find upcoming wine events around the country at the israel-wine site.

A Beautiful Combination: Wine and Dead Sea Salts

Fine wine is synonymous with beauty and grace, and it isn't a far reach to see how wine and skincare can go hand-in-hand; both are luxurious ways to pamper and take care of yourself. Wine has long been recognized for its health benefits – having high levels of resveratrol, red wines can help prevent clots and associated problems such as stroke and heart attack. Also, drinking small quantities of reds may help protect the heart and ward off some cancers and memory loss. Both red and white wines contain antioxidants (only red contains resveratrol), which are effective defenses against premature skin aging.

Fittingly, wine is part of the Mediterranean diet, sometimes associated with longevity and healthier living. Drinking a glass of anti-oxidant rich red wine a day can help your skin from within, while topical application of Dead Sea mineral creams, will leave your skin nourished, and radiant.

Many turn to the Dead Sea for relief from conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and eczema. Others journey to experience rejuvenating and beautifying effects, and they leave with younger-looking skin and an improved outlook on life. The NIH (National Institutes of Health) in the U.S. acknowledges the power of the mineral-rich Dead Sea mud and salts. Regardless of your reason for visiting the Dead Sea, you'll come away with a whole new perspective on beauty.

AHAVA Love Tip: Treat yourself to a warm bath filled with 100% Natural Dead Sea Bath Salts (you won’t get the same floating effect, as if you were afloat in the Dead Sea’s buoyant waters), and your skin, muscles and mind will thank you for it. Throw in a nice glass of Merlot – Cheers to you!