The 'Mechanism' Behind Dead Sea Mud

Often, the greatest and most rewarding discoveries in life are born from serendipity. The power of mud-based skincare products on your skin, is well known. Perhaps lesser-known, is just how Dead Sea mud, from mud masks to body masks, work to nourish your skin. Discover how our scientists unleashed true 'mud power.'

The Original Dead Sea Mud Story

In 1990, our R&D team was involved in collaborative research with the 2 largest hospitals in Israel (Hadassah and Ichilov). The objective was simple: to test the impact of Dead Sea mineral-rich mud as a potential skin treatment for psoriasis.

The research included applying mud wraps on skin wound for several minutes, then rinsing off. Early on, most of the patients enrolled in the study, indicated that it was necessary for them to apply a hydrating cream after washing off the mud.

Applying Purifying, Soothing, Nourishing, Mineral-Rich Dead Sea Mud

Our R&D team took note, and a revolutionary concept was born: to include some natural, Dead Sea mud in a skincare cream, to preserve skin’s memory of the mud from the treatment, and to enhance the therapeutic effect for patients. This was the first-ever cream to include a significant amount of leave-on mud.

Two weeks later, on August 2, 1990, the Gulf War broke out, and the study was stopped, due to the extensive resulting stress to participating patients (psoriasis is aggravated by mental stress). Although the research ceased, participating patients continued to request this ‘miraculous mud skin cream,’ and word spread throughout the scientific community.

"The cream with the mud", born from a mix of unanticipated needs and external factors, turned into a scientific breakthrough! Since then, it led to substantial research and biological testing, demonstrating the scientific benefits of “leave on mud” for sensitive skin (alleviating dryness, redness scaling and irritation). The result was the patented DERMUD™ technology in 2000 – and the breakthrough continues to intrigue dermatologists worldwide. In 2009, our researchers published findings that that Dermud™ has protective, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can combat the effects of UVB irradiation in skin.

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AHAVA’s Dermud™ line for hands, feet and body, is essential for those looking to relieve stressed scaly skin. Each product contains natural mud comprised of multiple layers of silt from the Judean Mountain that sank to the bottom of the Dead Sea, absorbing an extremely high concentration of minerals.

So if you’re looking to revive, rejuvenate, and relieve dry skin, give Dermud™ a try. Incorporate the mud into your daily routine- start off your morning with soft, supple skin by lathering the Dermud™ Nourishing Body Cream anywhere that is needed. Since your hands get dry throughout the day, keep them protected with the Dermud™ Intensive Hand Cream, and at night, wash away all of your impurities with the Purifying Mud Soap. Your skin will thank you!