Getting Happy, Healthy Skin Can Feel Like a Battle

Are you highly critical of your skin? Do you feel like you’re in a daily battle with it? If so, you’re certainly not alone.

We’ve recently spoken in depth with hundreds of women from around the world, from diverse cultures, and many feel that they’re at ‘war’ with their skin – from wrinkles, to red irritations, to oily skin, to acne, discolored, or sensitive skin.

So let’s talk about happy skin. Winning this battle, achieving happy peace with your skin, is often emphasized through clear, moist, radiant, soft and smooth skin.

What you should remember, is that while negative changes in skin radiance, texture, smoothness, flexibility, firmness, and moisture level are completely normal, they are also semi- treatable. Although we can’t completely stop the effects of time, we can certainly try to slow it down! This is where the importance of “happy skin” fits in.

Natural Dead Sea Minerals as Beta-Endorphin Releasers for Happy Skin

As the outermost and largest organ of your body, skin is constantly exposed to the daily external and internal stressors of life, some of which include solar radiation, air pollution, stress, and poor nutrition. While seemingly harmless on their own, each of these factors contributes to the changes that appear on our skin. If we combine these stressors throughout a long period of time, our skin will ultimately experience what people call “skin aging.”

Just as you take dietary vitamin and mineral supplements to maintain a healthy body, you should also treat your skin with natural minerals, specifically ones that induce the release of beta-endorphins. This will help contribute to your skin’s overall ‘happiness.’

Our patented Osmoter (an exclusive blend of Dead Sea Minerals) contained in every AHAVA product – was born from our love and passion for Dead Sea Minerals, and through extensive research, has been proven to improve your skin’s overall well-being. It has also been shown to release Beta-Endorphins, the same “feel-good” chemicals that you experience after you exercise, throughout your skin cells.

We think that’s something to smile about! And by the way, a genuine smile has also been shown to release beta-endorphins!

AHAVA ‘LOVE’ tip: Show your skin some love with Dead Sea Osmoter™ Face Concentrate. With 3x the concentration of our natural mineral blend, your skin will stay hydrated, healthy, and happy, even with ongoing exposure to external aggressors. Apply before your moisturizer day and night.