When you go to the beach and swim in ocean water, do you wonder why your skin usually feels dry following that experience?

This drying effect is caused by a few things- the biggest culprits being harmful sun rays and high concentrations of salt in the water. The longer you stay at the beach, the more these factors work together to dehydrate the skin and pull the moisture out from your body.

Did you know though, that a peaceful beach oasis actually exists - that contains salt which is good for your skin?

On average, sea and ocean water contain approximately 3.5% salt content – whereas the mineral-rich Dead Sea Waters have almost 10x the salt concentration – a remarkable 32%! Why then, does ocean water have a drying effect on the skin, while the Dead Sea is globally known for its moisturizing and skin nourishing properties?

First, unlike normal beaches, the Dead Sea region is located at the lowest point on earth, therefore the sun is less powerful there and will most likely not burn, dry out, or do damage to your skin.

Second, although the water in the Dead Sea contains extremely high levels of sodium, it also has various other minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium that act as an equalizer to the salt. These minerals restore moisture thanks to their hygroscopic properties, enhancing intercellular water capacity and drawing moisture to the skin tissue from within. Many people who have bathed in the saline Dead water, when coming out of the water felt that their skin became smooth “like a baby’s skin."

Dead Sea Salt to the Rescue

Imagine if you could harness the power of the elements without having to bathe everyday in the actual Dead Sea. After several years of research, AHAVA scientists have been able to do just this.

One independent study conducted by Dermatest Laboratories found that adding just 1% of AHAVA's Dead Sea water to a product, yielded an improvement of over 40% in skin smoothness. Thus, the OsmoterTM was born, an exclusive formula containing Dead Sea salt water, added as a main ingredient to every single AHAVA product.

Not only are users able to see an instant change in the smoothness of their skin, they also experience delay in their skin's aging process, visibly noticing fine lines and dark spots disappear within a few weeks. These are just a few examples of the most beneficial skin actions for which Dead Sea minerals have gained credit.

Quick Q&A on Salt's Impact on Your Skin with Dr. Miriam Oron, Head of Research at AHAVA

Q: Doesn’t salt dry the skin?

A: I know that salt is considered abrasive, but first of all, it’s a matter of concentration, and it’s a matter of delivery system. For example, when the salt is in a cream, it’s not the same as when you immerse in the Dead Sea. Also, there is a difference between the concentrations of the salts.

In the sea you have a high ratio compared to the other elements, particularly magnesium and calcium. Because we have higher ratio of calcium and magnesium in our products, we can use more of the Dead Sea salt, because the different elements balance each other out.

AHAVA 'Love' Tip: For a truly relaxing at-home experience, try creating your own Dead Sea salt bath with AHAVA's Natural Dead Sea Bath Salts.

Dissolve 1 cup of salt in warm bath water. After soaking for 20 minutes, shower off and rest for half an hour. You will undergo deep muscle relaxation and notice instantly energized, soft skin.

So you see, sea salt really is an amazing thing- Just imagine what it could do for you!