It's easy to forget our true selves amid the hustle and bustle of daily life. Still, the woman you are at your core -- that beautiful, elemental being -- deserves to shine through every day.

So what is elemental beauty, anyways? We believe:

"It’s natural radiance, not artificial glamor It’s not self-conscious, but confident. Rugged, stunningly beautiful, not polished. It’s beauty you discover over time and grow into. It whispers, it doesn't shout."

Getting to the 'elemental you' is all about honoring yourself and reflecting your true, inner beauty. Connect to yourself with these 7 daily practices to help you stay grounded, and reconnect with the elements of beauty and nature.

1. Get Yourself Outside

Spending even a few minutes outside every day can help you relax, refresh and reconnect with what's important. While you're outside, spend time appreciating what appeals to you most. You don't even have to leave your yard to enjoy the benefits of getting outdoors. For example, if you love birds, spend 10 minutes bird-watching every day. If you like the feel of earth beneath your feet, get out and do yoga in your backyard.

2. Express Your Creative Self

Whether you’re doodling on a sticky note, painting a portrait, or writing a quick haiku, finding a way to express your creativity each day is an amazing way to get in touch with your elemental self. Whatever your creative inclination may be, doing something artistic provides a great way to get your mind off the day's stresses.

3. Connect With Your Spiritual Traditions

Spirituality might be something that we all experience individually, but there's a lot to be said for the power of tradition too. Connecting with the spiritual traditions that are important to you helps you get to your inner self in a way nothing else can. This is because when you feel close with your religious or spiritual heritage, you are able to better define and express your elemental self by grounding yourself in community.

4. Offer Your Help

It might sound counterintuitive, but one of the best ways to express your natural, inner beauty is to reach out and help others. Volunteering your time can help provide you with a sense of purpose and connect you to your passions. Remember that helping others doesn't have to mean volunteering hours of your time every day. Simple, random acts of kindness are great too.

5. Work Toward Your Goals

Setting and achieving goals is an important step in building self-confidence and connecting with your true self. After all, you're a lot more than just the things you do every day. You are your aspirations too. Working toward both big and small goals gives you opportunities to connect with your core and think about the qualities and values that make you the unique being that you are.

6. Ground Yourself in Natural Beauty

Taking care of your body is essential to getting to your elemental self every day. Ground yourself by choosing natural skin care products. Made from skin-friendly ingredients from the Holy Land, AHAVA products not only nourish the skin, they also work to restore its natural balance. AHAVA's OsmoterTM is a unique concentrate of Dead Sea minerals designed to replenish and rehydrate your skin without anything artificial. Balanced skin care is a clean and natural way to feel more confident in yourself so that you can shine in your interactions with family, friends, coworkers and strangers.

7. Give Yourself Compassion

Stress and negative emotions often keep us from connecting with our elemental selves. As you go through your day, combat negativity with a strong dose of self-compassion. Having self-compassion means forgiving yourself for shortcomings and understanding that we all suffer through trials in life. Most importantly, it means connecting with your core values and finding healthy, productive ways to express them.

Of course, there are many other ways to connect with your elemental self. Think about what matters to you, and find daily practices that reflect that. Perhaps that means digging into the benefits of Dead Sea mud or taking a class to learn a new skill. However you do it, remember that getting to the elemental you is all about listening to and caring for yourself.