Are you like most women: always looking for the newest beauty trends and best-kept secrets?

From waxing, to chemical peels, and trying out new makeup, we take extensive measures to achieve our desired looks, yet often fail to truly harness our natural beauty. Surprisingly, the key is much simpler than you may think, and has also been around for hundreds of years! It’s amazing to ponder that when you immerse yourself in the skin-recharging waters of the Dead Sea, that those waters also served as a spa to Queen Cleopatra, and King Herod. Let’s turn back the clock and explore its secrets, and the potent benefits of the Dead Sea…

A Timeless Beauty Story Fit for a Queen

A secret to achieving natural beauty lies in the story of one of history’s most famous women, Cleopatra. Born in 69 B.C., Cleopatra was the last ruler of the Macedonian dynasty until Egypt’s occupation by Rome in 30 B.C.. While it’s recorded that she used to sleep with golden masks at night, we’ll focus here on some more affordable beauty tips (she did also use face masks made of natural clay).

Cleopatra was not only known as a fearless leader, but also as a timeless beauty, using nature’s surrounding resources to uphold and maintain her youthful-looking skin. One of her most famous secrets included frequently bathing in the Dead Sea to achieve poreless, glowing skin, and to ward off wrinkles as she began to mature.

She also lathered her skin in the Sea’s mud and salts at least once per week. In fact, it is storied that she sought out the Dead Sea’s resources so often that she attempted to buy the land for Egypt to own. She even created her own spa there, making the Dead Sea the oldest natural spa in the world.

To this day, historians continue to comment about her profound beauty, which gives us reason enough to look further into the Dead Sea’s wondrous properties and how they boosted Cleopatra’s skin.

Secrets of the Sea

It is well-known that the Dead Sea boasts countless healing properties, including protecting the skin from harsh external elements and replenishing skin’s moisture throughout the day. These therapeutic effects result from the Sea’s exceptionally large source of minerals, which restore the skin’s moisture thanks to their osmosis-boosting properties.

Moreover, Dead Sea minerals have a significant impact on the cellular control of major functions including cell duplication, differentiation, and reversing cell aging. Therefore, the concentration of applied minerals and the way the skin is exposed to them, dramatically affect the achieved results.

While Cleopatra had direct access to the Dead Sea at her command, advanced science today allows us to harness the powers of the Sea, making it easier than ever to achieve beautiful results. Our patented Osmoter™- a formula containing scientifically balanced levels of minerals from the Dead Sea- is proof of this! When applied to the skins’ surface, the formula draws moisture and nutrients from the depths of the skin up to its outer layers, revealing fresher, dewier, more glowing skin.

Write YOUR Own Dead Sea Skin Story

Cleopatra remains a source of inspiration and fascination to this day. You don’t have to be Cleopatra to unleash the secrets of nature, nor do you need a royal budget.

We hope that her story inspires you, just as it did us, to continually unleash the secrets of the sea and nature. With love, AHAVA.