Have you ever thought about what you are? The raw elements that make you beautiful didn’t just materialize out of the ether at the moment of your birth. Long before humans existed, we were already part of the universe. You can trace our descent through the ages, shifting and molding each year all the way back to the stars themselves.

Essential Beauty

As a women today, you are beset by countless pressures. Society almost always expects you to remain beautiful, and aging is treated more like a choice than as a natural part of life. In today’s world, it is seen as acceptable for men to age, but a travesty for women to do so. As soon as lines and wrinkles are present on the skin, women are expected to put if off with synthetic chemicals, and if all else fails, consider surgery.

This state of affairs is unbearably shallow. We worry about what others think, instead of worrying about ourselves and our own happiness. We have to remember what truly matters to us, as this is the only way to change our state of mind. Each passing day offers a chance to break the cycle and realize something very vital: we are already beautiful, every day, at every age.

An Old Chiché Revisited

The best stereotypes are those taken for granted. You’ve heard a thousand times that “you’re beautiful just the way you are,” but the challenge is to for once slow down and truly consider it. Is it possible that we really are beautiful in our natural skin? Wherever you are, look at your inner beauty, elemental beauty and your accomplishments as a woman, and realize that you do so much for the world.

Be Your Own Elemental Beauty

Elemental Beauty isn’t magic- it’s an inherent union of science and nature that touches you every day. When you see yourself, try to see your entirety of being. Understand your essence. No one else can tell you how to feel and no one else can define your beauty. Decide these qualities yourself, with your own power of judgement. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should give up all thoughts on your appearance- we know just how hard that is- just make sure to think about it for your own benefit. Care for yourself with all natural ingredients- ingredients that, like yourself, come from the earth and help you become the best version of yourself.