Coming to the Dead Sea, you enact a healing pilgrimage that has drawn people since before the days of King Herod, when ancient wanderers discovered the exceptional properties of this most mineral-rich, unique body of water.

Have you ever imagined yourself standing in a high place with a view of the Holy Land? Near the North end of the Dead Sea stands 3,300-foot-high Mount Nebo. The ancient scriptures name this mountain as the vantage point from which Moses saw the Promised Land before he died, and for that reason, it has been a major Judeo-Christian pilgrimage destination throughout history.

Enter the Scriptures' Resting Place

Walk into the golden-streaked desert cave, in which a Bedouin shepherd made one of history's most significant religious discoveries in 1947: the Dead Sea Scrolls. Your pathway will take you by the actual spot where some of these papyrus scrolls had been secretly resting since the first century C.E. These scrolls include the oldest existing manuscript of the Old Testament, and there are also many writings that describe the life of Jesus. Scholars are still studying the scrolls, and you'll be able to see some on display in Jerusalem at the Israel Museum.

Watch Soaring Birds

Visit in the spring or fall and you'll be mesmerized by the sound of half a billion migrating birds beating their wings, including the native Dead Sea Sparrow. The Dead Sea is in the middle of the great Syrian-African Rift, and it's a crucial corridor of seasonal migration between Europe and Africa. An impressive number of birds live here, such as powerful falcons, vultures, eagles and hawks. Plan on learning more than you ever knew about bird life and conservation at the bird-watching study center in EinGedi. Your understanding of nature's secrets will be deepened and enriched by local experts who offer bird watching tours to groups and individuals. AHAVA, the Dead Sea Beauty Expert, is proud to be an active participant in the protection of the locality, and its precious wildlife.


Commune with Powerful Plants

When you stroll quietly through EinGedi Botanical Garden, you'll experience a close-up view of more than 1,000 species of important local plant life. Iconic plants such as frankincense and myrrh will bring ancient scriptures to life as you inhale their scents, and you'll marvel at the variation of plant life from miniature desert succulents to giant baobab trees. Walking through this natural attraction will immerse you in the true flavor of the Dead Sea's remarkable ecosystem.

AHAVA’S Environmental Commitment

As the only beauty company located on the shores of the Dead Sea, the significant spiritual site known for its healing and rejuvenating waters, AHAVA remains actively committed to maintaining the delicate environmental balance of the Dead Sea region. We employ an innovative Water Return Process, to give back pure water to the environment, after sustainably using it to create our natural skincare products. Our Water Return Process produces pristine water that is used for local irrigation and to support a nearby nature park, local plant and wildlife. Continual efforts ensure that the Dead Sea and its surroundings will be preserved as it is for future generations.