Set Your Skin Free

No doubt you've grown up hearing the story of Moses or watching classic movies like "The 10 Commandments" or "The Prince of Egypt." They tell of the time in ancient Egypt when the Israelites were enslaved by the Pharaoh. Moses insisted that Pharaoh set the people free, but when Pharaoh refused, he called down ten plagues upon the Egyptians. It was only after the Egyptians endured swarms of locusts, frogs, famine, boils and more that Pharaoh finally relented and set the Israelites free.

Most likely, if you're feeling plagued today, it isn't because of frogs or locusts invading your home. But you may deal with other types of 'plagues' in the form of nagging skin issues that never seem to be cured.

Read on to learn of the 10 most common skin "plagues" and how you can correct them and set your skin free.

1. Dry Skin

It's one of the most common skin plagues out there, so if you cope with dry skin, you're not alone. You can prevent this irritation by using gentle cleansers and a moisturizing cream like AHAVA Essential Day Moisturizer - Normal To Dry Skin to help restore your complexion's moisture balance. For dry hands and feet, try a hand cream with natural skin care elements like jojoba seed oil and a foot cream that includes dead sea minerals.

2. Oily Skin

The corollary of dry skin can be just as frustrating. You can stop the oil overload in its tracks by avoiding harsh cleansers which tend to escalate oil production. Use light face moisturizers that don't overload your skin and try a dead sea mud mask such as a Purifying Mud Mask. This mask will remove impurities and help to balance out the skin as it purifies and hydrates simultaneously.

3. Acne

Acne sometimes lingers long after puberty, bringing with it blemishes and shattered confidence. But it can be overcome; start by adding a multivitamin to your daily routine to balance out any nutrient deficiencies that may be causing your skin to break out. Then, be sure you're maintaining your face care regime with a purifying but gentle cleanser no more than twice daily, as more frequent washings can increase oil production and irritate your skin. If your skin is still struggling, it may be time to add a mask or toner to your skin care regimen.

4. Wrinkles

Wrinkles and fine lines are an inevitable part of the aging process, but consistent skin care can keep them from becoming a plague on your life. Dead sea salts are highly beneficial for the skin due to their high mineral content, which renew the skin and help keep it firm and fresh. Our Beauty Before Age Duo contains Dead Sea Metabiotics compounds to improve your skin's elasticity and give in-depth relief from wrinkles.

5. Dark Circles

You know you haven't gotten enough sleep when you have those trademark dark circles under your eyes. Dark circles are a constant trouble for busy women. When splashing a little cold water just isn't enough to lift those pesky circles, try a cucumber compress instead or apply some firming eye cream to brighten your whole eye area.

6. Dark Spots

Dark spots can be brought on by aging, the sun or even pregnancy, but there's no denying that dark spots on the skin are irksome and even, in bad cases, embarrassing. However, you can take care of these spots without having to resort to expensive laser treatments or chemical peels. Instead, try a caressing serum such as Age Control Brightening and Renewal Serum. This will help diffuse and prevent dark spots gently and effectively, without harsh chemicals.

7. Sun Damage

If your skin is prone to sunburn and other types of sun damage, your best bet is prevention. A good broad spectrum SPF is a necessity in keeping your skin covered from the sun to prevent burns, wrinkles and even melanoma. Apply a daily moisturizer that contains broad spectrum SPF so that your skin gets the moisture and protection it needs without the greasiness of traditional sunscreen.

8. Eczema

Eczema causes a reddish, scaly rash that itches and is extremely troublesome. If your case is particularly extreme, you may even be prescribed a steroid to help get rid of it. However, for those who prefer a natural treatment, Dead Sea minerals are a proven way to offer relief from this "plague." The exfoliating effect of a Dead Sea salt soak helps get rid of the dry, itchy patches, allowing minerals to permeate the skin's surface and offer healing and renewal.

9. Sensitive Skin

If your skin reacts or breaks out every time you try a new laundry detergent or perfume, you may be dealing with skin sensitivity. Though frustrating, it's not a debilitating problem, as many companies now offer "fragrance-free" options for most of their products, which will help you avoid the irritation. In addition, you can find creams that not only soothe, but also strengthen your skin, making it more resistant to future flare-ups.

10. Fatigued Skin

When you lead a busy life, you often feel exhausted at the end of the day. As it turns out, your skin can become fatigued as well. When your skin looks dull and lifeless, drinking more water and exercising will help revive your skin and increase the circulation so you can get your glow back. Follow these with a facial serum to see even better skin improvement.

Don't let skin plagues keep you in bondage for the rest of your life. Try one of these easy, natural remedies and set your skin free!