Whether you look forward to scrambled eggs or a spa weekend this Mother's Day, sometimes the best gifts you get are the ones you give yourself. Instead of waiting for someone to plan the Mother's Day of your dreams, try this 10-step plan to create the day you deserve. 'AHAVA' means Love, after all - and we want you to love yourself as you are...

Tip #1: Schedule That Pedicure

Sure, a pedicure is a stereotypical way to pamper yourself, but with the advent of sandal weather, it's probably a necessary luxury. So make your pedicure appointment now, and as you're enjoying a foot massage, put your organizing skills to use to plan the rest of your strategy to recharge. When you get home, be sure to apply a thick coat of Dermud Intensive Foot Cream or Mineral Foot Cream to keep your feet feeling soft.

Tip #2: Consider a True Getaway

Even if a weekend spa getaway isn't in the cards this year, you might be able to swing an overnight stay at a local hotel. That way, you're assured that life's daily emergencies won't eat up all of your time. Smartphones stay at home :)

Tip #3: Recharge Your Emotional Batteries by Practicing Gratitude

Call that person in your life who always makes you feel better and tell her how much she means to you. By acknowledging how grateful you are to have her in your life, you'll give her a boost, while reminding yourself how lucky you are. A daily practice of expressing your gratitude for 5 things in your life, is also a key to happiness, according to Positive Psychology experts.

Tip #4: Schedule a Salt Bath Soak

Upgrade your standard bubble bath and go for a soak in Dead Sea salt water instead. By picking bath salts that contain Dead Sea minerals, you'll actually increase your skin's moisture level and support cell metabolism. Breathe in and spend some time relaxing every muscle in your body--this bath is a health treatment after all. Bring the relaxation of the Dead Sea to your local tub!

Tip #5: Moisturize Your Skin With a Mud Mask Facial

Combine a mud mask that contains Dead Sea minerals with your bath so every inch of your skin gets an added shot of moisture. Dead Sea skincare contains ingredients that helps soothe your skin, boost its moisture levels, and leaving it feeling 'baby soft', as though you'd just emerged from the Dead Sea's recharging waters.

Tip #6: Find Your Perfect Read

Whether your perfect read is Amy Poehler's new book or the latest Pulitzer winner, now's the time to order a copy and schedule reading time. Bonus: You'll have a new topic of conversation the next time you're waiting in the pickup line at the elementary school.

Tip #7: Invest in a Super Serum

All that mothering is stressful, so stop that stress from showing on your face and look for a serum that will hydrate and illuminate your skin. Sure, you may be running on only a few hours of sleep on Tuesday morning, but a Dead Sea Concentrate Serum will help you maintain your skin's glow.

Tip #8: Try a Wine Tasting to Sample the Good Life

There's no doubt a wine store or wine bar in your area has wine tastings available. Go in armed with your known likes and dislikes, and then explain that you want to treat yourself. A knowledgeable staff member should be able to offer you some indulgent pours.

Tip #9: Don't Forget Your Own Mom

If you're lucky enough to have your mom in your life, honor her contribution to your own life with a thoughtful gift or phone call.

Tip #10: Make a Plan for Weekly Time Off

Are you willing to wait another year to have some time for yourself? We didn't think so. Now that you remember how good relaxing feels (and you have evidence that the sky didn't fall when you were away), formulate your proposal to get some "me" time every week.