Unpacking The Ins and Outs of Skincare During Travel

Taking a vacation or a business trip soon that requires you to endure long hours of air travel?

While the destination is something to look forward to, the actual flight itself can be somewhat of challenge, both for you and your skin. Not only does your blood flow begin to stall and your joints begin to cramp up from sitting down for so long, your skin also suffers from stale air and high cabin pressure.

So let's dig into some practical ways you can prepare yourself for the flight, and ensure your skin is ready for takeoff!

With over 25 years of experience in the beauty industry, Idit Gandelman is AHAVA’s top beauty expert, and head of education. Although she is skilled at taking care of her skin, Idit has experienced her fair share of skin faux pas while spending the earlier years of her life on a plane as a flight attendant. If anyone knows about all of the negative effects prolonged flights have on skin, it’s Idit.

AHAVA's Head of Product Education, Idit Gandelman

According to Idit, planes have extremely low levels of humidity due to the pressurized cabin, which causes the air to become dry and stale, which can adversely impact your skin. The Association of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) recommends that humidity must be kept at between 30% and 64% for humans to be comfortable- as it turns out, planes are kept at below 20%. This is why the longer the flight is the longer your skin will suffer.

So, if you have an upcoming flight, buckle up and continue reading to find out how to counteract all of the negative side effects your skin may encounter.

Tip 1: Carry all of your skincare products with you on board

Idit suggests carefully choosing the products that you need for your trip, and carrying them with you on the plane:

“Due to all of the airplane regulations, go for small sizes. You don’t want your skincare to be stuck in a suitcase that may or may not show up. Plus, you will want to have your products for before, during, and after the flight.”

Tip 2: Moisturize Mid-air

Your skin is like a sponge. In an environment where no humidity exists, it is important to provide your own moisture for the skin to soak up to prevent dry air particles from clogging up your pores. Our skincare expert suggests bringing some wipes to take off your makeup and remove any excess dirt from your face. Let your face dry for a minute, then follow-up with a good moisturizer that can stand extreme dryness:

“Look for a moisturizer that is lipid or oil-based. I would suggest using a night cream, which is the absolute best for preventing moisture loss.”

Feel free to apply liberally as needed throughout the flight. If you absolutely need to wear makeup during the flight, apply a moisturizer and a primer before applying. This will prevent the makeup from congesting and drying up your face.

Tip 3: Neutralize your skin

After your flight, make sure to clean your face once again. Use an exfoliant to clear out your pores and remove any impurities. Then, apply moisturizer once again. A day or two after your flight, if you find that your skin is still dry, it might be very helpful to get a facial or give yourself an at-home facial using a mud mask! This will re-balance your skin, and neutralize it before any impurities can begin to surface.

Follow these tips, and your skin should be perfectly protected during your flight. Although the low humidity may be unforgiving, it doesn’t mean that you can’t take precautions to stabilize its effects. Maintaining flawless skin while flying is always a balancing act. As long as you prepare yourself beforehand, and take preventative measures, your skin will remain happy, healthy, and balanced so that you can enjoy each day of your trip to the fullest.