Are you having a "pink" day?

Then you're probably feeling a little bit fun, light and sensual. Perhaps you're in the mood for romance or just having some fun and sharing laughter with those closest to you. You may have some cozy moments with your loved one on the agenda, or plan to just enjoy the scents of the season with good friends. What does "pink" mean to you? How does the color make you feel?

At AHAVA, it evokes that sweet scent in the air that makes you feel joyous, ready to abandon your cares, and live in the moment.

Love Your Feminine Side

It's official: pink is the new red.

From flamingo to bubblegum, pink is resurging as an empowering and modern alternative to red across major fashion runways

With delicate fragrances becoming the modern symbol of romance, enjoy the exotic notes of pink cactus and pink pepper, brought to you straight from the historic land of Israel. Not only is pink a sign to surround yourself with the beauty of nature, it’s also for a woman who is looking for a way to get back in touch with her feminine side, to pamper herself.

Pink is about love. It doesn't have to be Valentine's Day for you to experience the joy of romance or the bond you have with your devoted family. Pink welcomes you to celebrate the joy and beauty of love in all its forms: love for another person, love for life and even love for yourself. Love is waking up every morning feeling connected to the world. Any woman can give her body the love it deserves. Pink calls every woman to give and receive all love with hope and joy.

Going Back in Time

Have you been to Israel? Or dreamed of visiting its beautiful lands steeped in history? If so, you might get a scent in the air of two treasured flora: the sabra cactus and the pink pepper. Both of these plants are native to Israel.

In fact, the fruit of the sabra cactus is a symbol of modern Israel. This prickly, pink fruit is a common sight in the dry and dusty Israeli landscape, where water is a precious resource. On the other hand, the pink pepper is a fragrant fruit that is highly prized as a culinary spice. It is treated as a precious and delectable gift from the earth's pantry. Like pink flora throughout the earth, it is an uplifting and energizing force.

Connect With That Joyous Feeling

If you love a feeling that is energizing, enchanting and uniquely feminine, then you will find great inspiration through cactus and pink pepper scented mineral hand cream. Use the natural, nourishing power of pink to soothe dry skin or remain calm during harsh weather. Your body is your very own temple of earth, taking the energy of its plants and flowers to heal and sustain you.

Although the earth has many hazards, it also has many beautiful elements that provide hope and healing. Among those elements are the extraordinary oils that we use in our hand cream to soothe and hydrate the skin: jojoba oil, which comes from the seeds of the jojoba tree and promotes natural production of collagen; sesame seed oil, used to nourish the skin, and vitamin E, which is used to support the health of the skin. Together, these oils provide a beautiful glow, while remaining light and energizing, just the effect pink would imply.

Additional ingredients included in this powerful formula include witch hazel, aloe vera and allantonin, all from the Earth's deep reservoirs of natural healing. Aloe vera is so natural that some people have plants in their homes; they simply cut the leaves and rub the soothing gel on skin to calm irritation and burns.

Choose a Time That's All Your Own

So we’d like to know: when do you engage with scent?

Is it during moments of fatigue, when you need an energizing boost, or during self-care when you want to pamper your skin? The power of pink is its strong femininity and its versatility. Engage with scent as you emerge from a long bath at the end of a trying day. Breathe in the scents floating in the air as you go on your early morning walks in nature. Think of the greatest moments of your life: a best friend's wedding, when the scent of flowers filled the air.

Pink is the new red, the color of love and sensuality and everything that you love about your strength and femininity. The sweetness of pink makes you feel joyous, in love, ready to embark on the next great adventure, or have a laugh with those you love most.

AHAVA is the brand of love -- and love is in the air, will you take a breathe?