What to Expect on a Therapeutic Dead Sea Voyage

Enclosed between the nations of Israel and Jordan is a body of water unlike any other, which we call home. The Dead Sea is a huge saltwater lake located at the lowest point on Earth.

Its high salinity and low elevation give it some incredibly peculiar properties, some of which have therapeutic effects on the human body.

Keep reading to discover some amazing facts and uncover 4 divine ways this region can have incredible impacts on both your mental and physical health.

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Breathe Easy

The Dead Sea is located at a point of very low elevation, over 400 meters below sea level. This means that the atmospheric pressure in this region is considerable. While this sounds like a negative trait, the pressure and high oxygen content actually make the air incredibly beneficial. The heavy oxygen, pollen-free air and high bromine levels calm the body as well as the mind, creating deep relaxation. People who suffer from respiratory problems or even anxiety can breathe in clean air and exhale their worries.

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Floating Fancy-Free

In the Dead Sea you don't swim -- you float! The salt levels are over 8x that of any ocean water, creating amazing natural buoyancy. As you lay back in the water, your body will rise right with no effort at all until you're practically resting on the surface of the water. There's no struggling to keep your head above water when you're going for a dip in the Dead Sea! The space-like flotation is a considerable relief to those suffering from arthritis, as pressure is taken off the joints. This adds to the relaxing attributes of the region -- you can effortlessly rest and refresh your body in the healing waters. You'll love the caressing feel of the skin-smoothing waters against your skin - you'll literally feel 'baby smooth' when you touch your skin.

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Skin Rejuvenation

Dead Sea water and mud are brimming with healthful minerals that work wonders on tired, aging or irritated skin. The Dead Sea regularly sees visitors to its region for these benefits alone. Those who struggle with skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema can find relief from these ailments when they soak in the exfoliating salt waters and allow the minerals to restore and soften their skin.

The Dead Sea elements are also desired for their anti-aging properties; the salt etches away old, dead cells to reveal youthful skin that has been rejuvenated by the penetrating minerals. In fact, there are an abundance of spas in this salt lake's vicinity that utilize the water, salt and mud in their treatments.

Yoga at the Dead Sea Shores on Vacation

This is one vacation that will truly make you feel (and look) young again. Just be sure not to stay in the water for an extended amount of time, as your skin may start to sting from the salt. And certainly don't splash around too much -- the water burns if it gets into your eyes!

Natural Sun Relief

Many seaside vacations end the same way -- returning home with red, peeling, tender skin. In the Dead Sea, sunburn is a much less pervasive problem. While you'll still need sunscreen, the UV rays are much less intense here than they are everywhere else in the world. So if you have very sun-sensitive skin or enjoy being outdoors for long periods, you won't have to worry about your sunblock quitting on you or your skin reacting to the radiation.

Our Head of Research, Dr. Miriam Oron explains:

 "What happens at the Dead Sea because it’s very low, it is further away from the sun than let's   say, Jerusalem. The more radiation travels the more the rays are reflected and refracted by particle sin the air. So by the time it reaches the Dead Sea, the shorter wavelengths are very low intensity because they are filtered. Therefore we have a different ratio between UVA to UVB, we have less of the rays that cause burning and we also have less of the rays that cause cancer. This is why psoriasis patients are recommended to come to the Dead Sea. There have been zero cancer cases documented in the area of the Dead Sea."

Are You Ready to Get Away?

Whether you're seeking relief from an illness or skin condition, or simply want to take in the majesty of this exotic locale, a trip to the Dead Sea is a truly unique destination that will continue to surprise you with its strange and awe-inspiring traits. Float, close your eyes, turn off your smartphone - leaving it on the shore of course, and live a timeless experience that will truly 'move' you.

Come experience this natural wonder, and let your body and mind be renewed! (And don't forget to say hi to us at our factory store :))

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