Nature's 'Dirty' Little Secrets

Any child can tell you: Sometimes it's great to get dirty.

In a free-wheeling fulfillment of that ethos, the world is set to celebrate International Mud Day on June 29th. This ‘dirtiest’ of joyful holidays developed its roots during a 2008 collaboration between two World Forum delegates from Nepal and Australia. After discovering their common fondness for the many and varied wonders of mud, the two launched the first ever International Mud Day in 2009, and it's been nothing but dirt-filled good times ever since.

Every community celebrates International Mud Day in its own way, whether it's creating mud kitchens and snacks in Hawaii, or mud slides in Ithaca, New York. If you are thinking this holiday is just for kids, think again! Even adults can get in on the action, all while enhancing their beauty routine at the same time.

Dead Sea View Natural Mud

In celebration of our love for this pivotal earthy element, we have gone a step further and announced an entire "AHAVA Mud Month" in July, so the good times won't stop!

In preparation for this month-long celebration, we came up with 5 reasons for you to love mud as much as we do, and ways that it enhances your natural elemental beauty.

Dead Sea Mud Layers and Minerals


With no further ado, here are the top five beauty benefits of mud. Let's dig in!

1. Dead Sea Mud Has Unparalleled Absorption

Mud is composed of tiny dirt particles that have astounding absorption properties. Much like the carbon granules in your water filter, mud particles have a huge surface-area-to-mass ratio that's perfect for soaking up contaminants, oil and cellular debris.

2. It Rejuvenates Your Skin

Mud is a fantastic way to rejuvenate and heal your skin. Its soothing mineral properties work to calm skin that's stressed and damaged, and naturally occurring minerals in the mud like iron oxide and silica penetrate deep into your skin, healing burst capillaries to invigorate and improve tone.

3. It Softens Your Skin

Mud's natural and absorptive properties help keep your skin soft and supple by feeding it with nourishing minerals that revitalize active cells, while dead and dried cells are gently loosened and rinsed away.

4. It Tightens Pores and Smooths Fine Lines

When coupled with its amazing cleansing properties, mud's ability to gently dry your oily, blocked up skin clears your pores, allowing them to tighten and shrink. These same cleansing and shrinking properties also allows mud to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, revealing your skin's true inner beauty.

5. It's a Perfect Delivery Mechanism

Beyond its own intrinsic beneficial properties, mud is the perfect medium for delivering a variety of nutrients and supplemental substances. Its ability to gently penetrate deep into your skin means that other naturally healthy ingredients -- such as aloe vera, witch hazel and avocado extracts -- will be even more effective.

Celebrate International #MudMonth With AHAVA's Masks

What better way to enjoy this year's Mud Day than by spending a relaxing day at home with an AHAVA pampering facial mask? Our line of masks includes two mud-based facial masks, and all are now available in a convenient single-use travel sachet. You can relax knowing that each mask has been formulated with the best ingredients to give you the most natural, soothing and rejuvenating experience you're likely to get this side of a puddle!

Get your celebrations started by slathering on AHAVA's mineral-rich Dermud nourishing body cream. The soothing leave-on aloe and mineral-rich mud are perfect for combination skin, calming both your body and your mind.

Let the decadently dirty fun continue all month long with our full range of mud-loving products!

Purifying Mud Mask

This Dead Sea mud blend contains jojoba oil, minerals and natural extracts to give your skin a deep, detoxifying clean.

Extreme Radiance Lifting Mask

This gel-like mask is infused with Dead Sea minerals and AHAVA's new Extreme Complex™ technology to firm and lift your skin while imparting a radiant glow.

Natural Dead Sea Body Mud

Dead Sea mud packed with essential minerals and nutrients works to remove dead skin cells and absorb toxins across your body, stimulating circulation while refining skin texture.


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