Food for thought: Feeding Your Skin

Borrowing ideas from healthy eating guides has seemingly introduced a big trend in cosmetics and beauty products: Fermentation.

You may already know that fermented foods such as kimchi, kombucha (which contain a high concentration of natural acids - like lactic acid), and sauerkraut are essential for a nutritiously-packed diet, and provide many health benefits by boosting your digestive health.

During the traditional fermentation process, raw foods are soaked in salt water, where good bacteria are allowed to grow and flourish. This then preserves the food, turning it into your favorite snack or side dish, also providing you with B-vitamins, probiotics and omega 3 fatty acids.

Did you know though, that fermentation can also be applied to your skincare? It may just be the source for more youthful, healthy-looking skin.

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Inspired by the potency of fermented foods, cosmetic specialists in Korea have fortunately discovered the benefits of fermentation for optimized skincare use. What these scientists have found, is that fermented beauty products work in a similar fashion, allowing the skin to rapidly absorb active nutrients and generate a high concentration of antioxidants. Antioxidants decrease with age; therefore, they are crucial to preserving younger-looking skin, and in battling those pesky free-radicals.

Fermented skincare products focus on improving the overall health of your skin, at both the surface, and deeper levels. They also tend to be less toxic, and more gentle than non-fermented, chemical-based formulations.

Whether concerning our beauty regimen or healthy eating habits, the process of fermentation enhances the effectiveness of key ingredients infusing the products which we use daily. In both cases, fermented products deliver powerful benefits that allow our inner and outer selves to flourish.

So What Does Fermentation have to do with the Dead Sea?

Although the Dead Sea is an arid, desert environment, thus preventing many living organisms to survive, it is notorious for its therapeutic qualities.

Dead Sea Water and Mud have a high salinity and unique mineral combination (high salinity is essential in the fermentation process). After many years of research, our scientists discovered that controlled stress can reduce the signs of aging - resulting in  a “Positive Stress Technology” restores skin's elasticity and fiirmness via Dead Sea Metabiotics.

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'Positive Stress' for Your Skin

Dead Sea Metabiotics are the product of adding natural Dead Sea Mud to a superior yeast substance, known as Pichia Pastoris. Considering the harsh living conditions of the Dead Sea, the Pichia activates its survival instincts to cope with the stress, thereby creating a positive stress-induced effect.

The Pichia then ferments the Dead Sea Mud into essential metabolites, which are clinically-proven to reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles, provide wide spectrum protection, and contribute to a firmer skin surface. These metabolites, a Dead Sea fermented extract, are an added benefit in our “Beauty Before Age” skincare collection.

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So are you ready to 'feed your face'? :)



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