Decoding Beauty Trends

As AHAVA's Global Consumer Research Manager, Jordana Young (no pun intended :) knows what women want.... particularly when it comes to their beauty products.

Having spent the past year interviewing women from around the world, she has formed a clear understanding of our deepest desires, which she uses to predict upcoming trends and new product concepts.

At AHA! Magazine, we decided to get to the bottom of it! What do women want when it comes to their beauty routine?

While some trends naturally change each year, there is always1 underlying factor that remains the same in what women want... Keep on reading to find out more!

Q: Could you tell us a bit about your background at AHAVA?

A: My role is best described as providing consumer and market insights to support the brand strategy and development. What this means is that it is my job to understand our consumers and their lives, understand what they need from their skin care, how they feel about their products, what they are looking for in our brand and more important than anything, being able to answer why they feel this way.
To keep all this insight in context, I’m also keeping constant track on what's happening in the Global Skin Care market, and identifying emerging lifestyle and skin care trends amid broader influences. The culmination of this knowledge guides decisions as to how the brand develops.
So that’s what I do, in a nutshell.

Q: Who is the typical AHAVA consumer and what does she want?

A: I’ve been spending a lot of time the past year getting to know the AHAVA consumer really well, learning what she wants in general, and what she wants to get out of her skin care. AHAVA consumers are some pretty amazing women. They tend to be smart, educated, self-assured women, with busy and fulfilling lives, who are looking for high-quality skin care products, and deeply care about what they use on their skin.
It is really interesting… there are things that never change about the AHAVA consumer, no matter where she lives in the world. For example; I have sat in several homes of AHAVA consumers around the world, from Berlin and Paris, to Dallas, New York, and Tel Aviv, and despite the difference in language, I heard AHAVA users say time and time again that they don’t want to compromise. They don't want the artificial chemicals that are an important feature in many other cosmetics brands, yet at the same time, that doesn't mean they are willing to give up on beautiful, radiant skin. They want effective, natural products, which will nourish, soothe and repair, and maintain their skin's vitality, day after day.

Q: What are some current trends you have been noticing in the beauty industry?

A: People are increasingly aware of the impact of the environment. Whereas in the past, the sun was known to be skin's biggest stress or, people now understand that there's a whole cocktail of environmental aggressors damaging their skin on a daily basis. Beyond the UVA &UVB rays, while once ignored and considered unimportant, the effects of air pollutants are now understood as also taking their toll on the skin and causing premature skin aging.

As a reaction to this, we are seeing women tailoring their skin care routine more specifically to their environment. They are choosing products that target a specific stress or skin effect, rather than showing a preference for simpler moisturizers as they may have in the past. This is definitely a trend that we anticipate growing in the next 5-10 years.

Q: Any future trends you can disclose?

A: As I mentioned, the trend of protecting your skin against pollutants is really catching hold. In addition, moving forward we will begin to see a wider range of product formats lining the skin care aisles. Already we are seeing Essences, Mists, Bubble Masks, and Sheet Masks that were previously not mainstream products in the West, beginning to feature more prominently. We can already see this trend happening in Korean skin care and this is beginning to make its way to Europe and North America. As the number of product formats continues to grow, women will have greater opportunities to customize their skin care routines to their skin and lifestyle needs.

Q: How do you think that women can make the most out of their beauty routine?

A: By identifying what their specific concerns are, and building a skin care regimen with products that work to target those specific concerns specifically, rather than mix-and-matching between product ranges. Focusing on specific issues will really change their skin for the better. Consistency is the key!

Q: What is your current beauty regime?

A: My current routine is inspired by my grandmother, who taught me at age 12 that your beauty regime starts at night. No matter how late at night, I always heed my grandmother’s advice and make sure to cleanse thoroughly before heading to bed. This is because at night your skin is able to do things that it isn’t able to do as effectively during the daytime - like repair itself, so it's imperative you give your skin care products clear access to your skin cells, without the grime of the day standing in the way.
I wash my face with AHAVA's Refreshing Cleansing Gel. Our All In One Cleansing Toner is really gentle and removes any remaining dirt. After this, I move on to a Night Serum and AHAVA's Extreme Firming Eye Cream, and follow up with Age Control Even Tone Sleeping Cream. By the time I go to bed, my skin is ready to be rejuvenated!

I make sure to really look after my skin at night because I have less time to myself in the morning. Our household is pretty busy on weekdays, when I'm usually busy running around after the kids, and making sure everyone gets fed, dressed and out of the door on time. Morning skin care for me means a quick rinse, some Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate Facial Serum and AHAVA's Extreme Day Cream with a healthy dose of SPF.
Once a week I'll indulge in a Purifying Mud Mask. This really is just a treat for me and for my skin… I can relax while the mask works to cleanse and refresh. It’s also a fun way to get a laugh out of my children who find my mud covered face hysterical.

Q: What is your favorite product and why?

A: It's actually a tie between 2 products. If I think about what I would take with me to a desert island, it would be the Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate Facial Serum and the Extreme Firming Eye Cream. The facial serum is just unbelievable. Once you’ve tried it for a couple of weeks, there's no going back. It leaves your skin looking super radiant and fresh, in addition to the boost of moisture it adds to your skin. Extreme Eye Cream is another one of those products that my friends swear by. My Grandmother taught me that your eyes and neck area are the first areas to show their age, and therefore need special attention. Extreme Firming Eye Cream completely has the eye area covered on that front.