Between harsh soaps, UV-ray exposure and pollution, your skin takes a lot in a day. It's no small wonder why so many people suffer from chronic dry skin and other complexion issues. You may even find that generic lotions aren't effective in treating your dry skin because they're unable to penetrate beneath the surface and provide lasting change.

However, there is hope for even the most damaged skin. Dead Sea salt and mud are packed with minerals that deliver moisture directly to the top layers of the skin, which permeates over time to keep your skin from becoming dry. These minerals not only restore moisture balance to the skin, but also provide a solid defense against harsh elements.

Whether you are looking for ways to quench your skin in the summer heat or treat a tricky skin condition such as eczema, keep reading to discover our ultimate guide to keeping your skin looking flawless!

1. Exfoliate and Rejuvenate

To create a clean, receptive base upon which to moisturize, you first need to remove any dead skin, dirt or oils that may be clogging your pores.

While showering, cleanse your body with a gentle cleanser, then step out of the shower stream to apply Liquid Dead Sea Salt. You can apply this clear gel all over your body, but avoid your face as the skin here is more sensitive. Plus, you don't want to get concentrated salt in your eyes! You'll notice immediately the cool sensation of the gel, followed by subtle pins-and-needles tingling. This is the Dead Sea salt gently polishing off dead skin and administering high levels of minerals directly to the skin. Let the clean sea scent relax you as the gel soaks into your skin for two minutes, then rinse off in cool water.

Pro Tip: Shave your legs after you've finished exfoliating. Not only will this ensure a smoother, more precise shave, but it will also prevent the salt from stinging your fresh skin. 

2. Prep Your Face

Just as you've prepared a clean, exfoliated surface to moisturize your body, you need to do the same with your face if you want to get effective hydration. Start by giving your pores a deep clean with a Purifying Mud Mask. This mask doesn't really look or feel like mud; rather, its taupe color and thick texture make it similar to a paste. If you look closely, you can even see what appears to be fine grains of sand, which give a very subtle scrubbing effect as you massage your skin. Rinse off after two minutes, and notice just how clean and smooth your complexion feels.

Now you're ready to moisturize!

3. Bring on the Body Mud

Once you've finished cleansing and exfoliating, your skin is primed and ready for hydration. One common complaint, and a reason many simply skip moisturizing, is that lotions tend to be too heavy or greasy. No one wants their skin to be slick when they're about to don their clothes for the day!

Dermud Nourishing Body Cream provides deep, rich moisture without clogging your pores or leaving residue on your skin. Though it has a dense, smooth texture, it absorbs quickly and cleanly, leaving behind only a delightfully fresh scent. The Dead Sea mud combined with aloe vera makes this cream deeply nourishing and saturating. Massage it into your entire body, and gain deep and lasting hydration.

4. Focus on Your Problem Areas

Many people find that certain areas of their bodies have a harder time maintaining moisture balance. Your hands and feet tend to see a lot of action during the course of the day, making them common victims of dehydration. Dermud Intensive Hand Cream and Foot Cream were created to target these problem areas. With formulas similar to the Dermud Body Cream, the hand and foot creams also contain jojoba seed oil to lock in moisture and smooth your skin's roughest areas and deepest cracks. Slather your hands and feet with these moisture-rich salves, and get intense and immediate relief for your high-impact areas. Don't hesitate to add some extra hydration to elbows and knees if necessary.

5. Don't Forget Your Face

Now turn your attention upwards and give your face some in-depth care. Since you've already prepped with a purifying mask, apply a thin layer of Dead Sea Osmoter Face Concentrate. This translucent serum has a number of amazing properties: The heavy mineral concentration boosts moisture levels, enhances skin radiance and allows your skin to fully absorb the moisture and nutrients from your moisturizers. This serum disappears quickly into your skin without leaving any residue, and it has an exotic floral fragrance to boost your mood.

Follow the Osmoter serum with a light Essential Day Moisturizer. The serum enhances the hydrating effects of the moisturizer, and the creamy, whipped texture won't leave you with an oily sheen. Instead, it brightens your face and leaves you glowing and fresh, with just a hint of sweet honeysuckle scent.

6. Maintain Throughout the Day

Don't let yourself become complacent! Moisture needs to be preserved and maintained, so stash some Dry Oil Body Mist Cactus & Pink Pepper in your purse to refresh your skin throughout the day. The energizing floral scent combines with jojoba seed oil, vitamin E and sesame seed oil to add more protection and hydration to your complexion. Spritz a little on the areas that get more sun exposure, and massage it into your skin. This oil is lightweight enough to add radiance without leaving any greasy trails.

Now show off your lustrous, silky skin with confidence!