The days are long and the weather is warm -- it's summer 2016 and time to visit the beach with a good book, headphones and a well-packed tote bag. To ensure that you get the most out of your trip, we’ve picked out a few beach basics that will keep you comfortable in the scalding heat. After all, you want to maximize your relaxation time, and protecting your skin, eyes and hair with these nine essentials will help you lounge around a little longer.

1. Water & Healthy Snacks

Mineral water, or just plan tap water, will prevent thirstiness and come in handy when you need to quickly wash off extra sand or sticky food. We recommend ditching the plastic water bottle and opt for taking your water in a temperature controlled thermos instead. Not only will this keep your water cold, but it will also protect your body from the harmful toxins that plastic bottles emit when exposed to heat.

For snacks, we recommend foods high in protein. Take along a stash of almonds, raisins, or rice cakes -- any food with low-glycemic carbs and vitamins to provide energy for surfing the waves.

2. Moisturizing Sunscreen

Pack a high-quality sunscreen and apply it as instructed. Don't forget that any time spent in the water will affect the protection level, so keep the bottle out and within easy reach. When selecting sunscreen, choose one with moisturizing properties and humectants, such as algae extract, to prevent dryness. 

3. Face Cream

A mineral-based cream, such as our Uplift Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF20, creates a barrier against sun rays. Apply the cream liberally to your face, making sure to cover sensitive areas like the tip of your nose and chin.

Pro Tip: Don't forget the backs of your hands! Mineral hands are less likely to develop freckles and age spots. Try our Age Perfecting Hand Cream Broad Spectrum SPF15 to protect the skin and correct any dark spots caused by the sun. 

4. Towels

Beach towels are more than colorful and festive- they also soak up the water and keep you comfortable. Take a stack so you can spread out and have extra for your car on the trip home. The best beach towels are made from high-quality terry cloth and look good with your swimsuit and other accessories. 

5. Sandals

Keep your feet from the heat with a pair of sturdy sandals or flip-flops that you can walk through sand in. If you have sensitive toes, avoid sandals that create blisters between them. Watch out for buckles and other hardware that can get hot and cause burns. If you shower in your shoes after swimming, make sure to dry them completely so you don't slip and fall on your way out. Use mineral foot cream back at home to ward off cracked heels and flaky soles.

6. Hat or Umbrella

Wouldn't you rather look chic than sunburned and tired? A beach hat that complements your personal style also protects from heat, wind and stray sand. Choose a cotton hat with a wide brim to shade your face. A thin, foldable hat won't take up much room and is easy to wash after each use. An umbrella should be easy to carry but strong enough to stay upright.

7. Lip Balm

Sore, chapped lips can destroy what should be a day of fun in the ocean and sun, so tuck a tube of lip balm into your bag. Choose a stable product that won't melt and ooze from its container. Apply it often and keep it a secret -- sharing lip balm isn't a good idea. Try a balm with mineral moisture ingredients like potassium. And a little color can't hurt -- try a tint of pink or plum.

8. Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses in your beach bag can come in handy when your eyes are tried of watching the waves. Choose lenses with UV protection and store them in a case. If you already own a pair of expensive sunglasses, keep them at home and buy a new, less expensive pair for the beach... nothing is worse than sand in your nice glasses! 

9. UV Hair Protection

It's easy to forget that you can damage your scalp and hair from prolonged sun exposure. Invest in a UV-protective leave-in conditioner or spray. Using it according to package directions will preserve hair color and prevent split ends.

Now that you have all of your essentials, you are ready for the perfect beach day! So stay that extra will rest easy knowing that you are fully prepared and protected from the elements. Here's to a well earned day of relaxation, to summer months, and to fully embracing elemental beauty!