There's a lot of information out there about how to care for your skin as you age, but not all of it is reputable. In fact, there are dozens of skin care tips that actually turn out to be more damaging to your skin than anything. So what information is trustworthy? Fear not, because we’ve looked into the facts and identified the top five myths to avoid. Keep reading to find out more!

5 Common Skin Care Myths, Debunked

1. Myth: Shade Protects You From UV Damage

Fact: While shade certainly helps prevent skin damage caused by UV radiation, wearing a hat or sitting under an umbrella during a sunny day doesn't protect you from diffuse irradiation, which is a fancy term for rogue solar beams. These indirect solar rays account for 80 percent of your daily UV exposure, and they can wreak havoc on your skin, even when you think you're protected.

In light of this, it's critical to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen (at least SPF 30) every day -- even during winter -- and cover exposed skin anytime you're going to be spending a day in the sun. These steps will help preserve your skin and avoid UV-related problems, like skin cancer and age spots.

2. Myth: You Should Exfoliate Daily 

Fact: While exfoliation can be an excellent tool to resurface the skin and leave it looking fresh, the process can also wreak havoc on certain skin types. Because exfoliation works by peeling or scrubbing away dead surface cells, it can be irritating for people with dry skin, sensitive skin, or conditions like rosacea.

Even if daily exfoliation doesn't irritate your skin, you should opt for gentle exfoliation methods, such as mud masks, brushes, gentle scrubs or glycolic pads, to avoid redness and irritation.

3.  Myth: Using Skin Care Products Cannot Prevent Signs of Aging

Fact: Using the correct skin care products for your skin type and unique needs is one of the best ways to decrease the signs of aging and keep your skin looking fresh for years to come. In fact, it has been proven that Dead Sea minerals are extremely beneficial for a number of skincare needs due to the high levels of magnesium, sodium, and bromide found in the salts. Not only does this compound help improve and detoxify the skin, it also works to slow signs of aging as it targets fine lines and deep wrinkles. 

For a pure product, look for AHAVA's exclusive mineral compound. Made of natural Dead Sea minerals and created through a natural evaporation process, it's ideal for stopping redness, reducing inflammation and keeping skin young and healthy-looking.

4. Myth: Diet Doesn't Affect Skin Tone

Fact: There are many things that affect how your skin ages, but diet is one of the most important. While high-glycemic foods trigger skin inflammation, colorful vegetables like peppers, leafy greens and squash can help fight redness and decrease age-related wrinkles and puffiness.

5. Myth: Skin Dehydration Is Not a Factor in Skin Aging

Fact: The hydration level of your skin has a huge impact on how severely your skin ages. Regular moisturizers won't  One recommendation to combat dryness is to use a product that incorporates Osmoter into its formula. A leading ingredient in anti-aging skincare, Osmoter™ is composed of a mixture of essential minerals that rehydrate and restore the skin.

The Osmoter™ facial serum offers a potent mixture of the most important skin minerals, acting as  pump when applied to the skin. By elevating fluids from the inner layers of the dermis and transmitting them to the surface of the skin, Osmoter™ improves the nutrition of skin and increases its moisture level for a firmer, younger look.

Now that we've tackled the trickiest of skin care faux pas, you are ready to provide the absolute best care for your skin! Just make sure to keep these myths in mind and nothing will stand between you and your elemental beauty.