If you love summer, you may be wondering how to partake in fun outdoor activities such as sunbathing and swimming, while still protecting your skin and hair from any potential damage and dryness. Since summer is the season we spend more time enjoying fresh air and relaxing with family and friends, it’s important to lessen as many of your skin and hair care worries as possible. Just be sure to use these simple strategies to effectively combat summer damage and achieve that healthy, overall glow. Your hair and skin will thank you!

Hair Care: Start With the Scalp

Swimming at the pool or taking an invigorating ocean swim? Both are fun, revitalizing activities, and both require some thoughtful hair and scalp strategies.

Pool chemicals can be corrosive, causing brittleness and even discoloration of the hair. They can also dry out your skin and irritate your scalp. Your best defense is to apply a protective serum or oil-based lotion to your scalp and hair before swimming. A bathing cap offers even more protection for those with sensitive hair and scalp. Giving your hair a thorough shampoo immediately after leaving the pool is another excellent strategy for healthy summer hair. Our Mineral Shampoo and Mineral Conditioner hydrates and moisturizes hair, and is now available in a larger size to make caring for summer hair a luxurious breeze.

Ocean swimming is very therapeutic for the scalp and causes much less concern for summer hair than pool chemicals. Ocean water contains a small amount of healing minerals that can help reduce hair loss and promote overall health as they are absorbed through the skin during swimming. Still be sure to wash your hair with fresh water immediately after since Ocean water can still lead to some drying!

Skin Care: Protect and Hydrate

The key to silky smooth summer skin is to protect it from sun rays and keep it moisturized. In addition to applying sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, use healing after-sun serums, body oils, and lotions as often as possible in order to maintain skin energy and restore moisture that gets lost to summer heat exposure. 

For supercharged face protection and revitalization, we recommend our Dead Sea Crystal Osmotor X6 Facial Serum. It works to smooth fine lines and correct dark spots caused by sun damage. 

For the body, try one of our Dry Oil Body Mists, now available in the mood-boosting scent, Prickly Pear and Moringa. This spray formula keeps your skin silky and hydrated without feeling greasy...perfect for humid weather! 

Pro Tip: Our Dry Oil Body Mist is also great for hair! To counteract humidity-triggered frizz, spritz some product a few inches away from your hair for a smooth, hydrated look. 

One of the most important keys to improving skin health throughout the summer is drinking plenty of water- at least 8 ounces or more, depending on how much time you spend being active outside. If drinking this much water seems difficult, fruit juices also help to re-balance any electrolytes lost through perspiration. Try making one of these nutritious summer mocktail recipes from Cooking Light, and impress your summer guests while beating the heat.

Now that you possess the secrets to summer care, you're ready to live up the rest of your summer to its fullest. Go ahead, you deserve a healthy glow!