Looking for the ultimate stress relief? Maybe you are in need of a mood boost or a relaxing alternative to your current skin care routine? If this is the case, Dead Sea plant-inspired aromatherapy may be the answer for you!

Inspiring Aromas

Aromatherapy involves using naturally extracted aromatic concentrates from plants to alter your mood, and promote a healthy well-being. There is no better calming agent than an enticing, comforting scent. When you combine that scent with the power of Dead Sea minerals, you have the ultimate mind and body stress relief. This is the essential idea behind every one of our colourful body care collections, Mandarin &Cedarwood, Cactus & Pink Pepper, Sea-Kissed, and our newly-launched Prickly Pear &Moringa.

The Prickly Pear &Moringa line, which includes a Dry Oil Body Mist, a Mineral Hand Cream, and a Mineral Body Lotion, comes just in time for the beginning of autumn-- a season when the sun sets a little earlier and the wind becomes a little brisker. The soothing scent, inspired by the sabra cactus and the green moringa plant, will awaken your senses and instantly improve your mood. It is the perfect aroma to fight the winter blues!

A Story of Origins

The Prickly Pear is a fruit found on the Sabra Cactus, a native plant to the land of Israel. It is a pink, prickly delight that tastes very similar to watermelon and offers several health benefits such as amino acids, vitamin B, beta-carotene, magnesium, and iron. It is known for its exotic aroma and delightful taste.

Moringa is a plant indigenous to Africa and Asia, now growing in the Dead Sea region. In addition to its fresh, floral scent, this plant has many soothing properties. Not only is moringa used for skin disorder treatment, it can also be used to improve your sleep, relieve anxiety or depression, and boost your immune system.

An Uplifting Outcome

Combining these two essences of prickly pear and moringa creates a fragrance that invokes happiness, reduces stress, and uplifts your mind. It’s perfect for a mood-boost at any time of the day! To start your day off right, try the mineral body lotion after a morning shower. Mid-day, at work, give your hands some love with our mineral hand treatment. At night, indulge your entire body with some dry oil mist and let the energizing minerals and comforting scent relax you.

Don’t let daily stress get you down…. stay inspired all year long with energizing minerals and the calming scents of the Dead Sea.