Too often, skincare tends to focus on facial complexion alone. The truth is that your whole body needs some tender loving care to keep your skin supple, smooth and resilient. After all, your skin is the only barrier between your body and the toxins that assault you on a daily basis!

Where do you start when you've neglected your skin for so long that it seems beyond relief? A home spa-day can give you rest, relaxation and renewal all at once, without leaving home. Read on for the four-step, must-try regimen.

1. Prep Your Skin

Dead Sea bath salts are the way to go when your whole body craves deep exfoliation and moisture. Draw a warm bath, and add 1 cup of Natural Dead Sea Bath Salts to the water. The salts will dissolve quickly, so you don't have to worry about gritty water. Soak in the salts for 20 minutes, allowing yourself time to unwind with the subtle yet brisk scent of the salts. Use your hand or a wash cloth to rub the salt water over your body, allowing the salt to slough away that top layer of dead skin and infuse the skin with Dead Sea minerals.

2. Give Yourself a Deep-Clean

After you've exfoliated, hop into the shower to rinse the salt from your body. Then, use a mild Mineral Shower Gel to remove any traces of dirt and dead skin. This gel, along with giving your skin a healthy dose of minerals, also contains plant extracts such as aloe vera to moisturize as it cleanses. Aloe vera is a crucial component to look for in a cleanser, since harsh shower gels can dry the skin and cause further damage.

3. Soak Up Some Moisture

Now, still in the shower, turn the water pressure down so you're not under the stream directly, and get ready for some masking. First, grab your Facial Renewal Peel, and apply liberally to your face while avoiding your eyes. Since it is dense and a little sticky, somewhat like very thick honey, this peel adheres to your skin easily and won't melt off in the steam of the shower. As you let this mask set in and promote healthy collagen growth, you can apply your full body mask.

Heat up the package of Natural Dead Sea Mud by letting it sit underneath the stream of hot water for a few minutes. Then, empty the mud into a bowl or container, and stir it up to even out any lumps. Work in the mud all over your body, focusing on any areas where you may have tension or muscle aches. If you have trouble reaching your shoulders or back, use a spatula to extend your reach. You'll feel the mud start to heat up your body as the minerals and salts stimulate blood circulation to rejuvenate your skin and relax your muscles. Don't worry if you look like a clay-encrusted swamp monster -- it's all part of the process! After five to 10 minutes, turn the water back up, and rinse the mud from your body and the peel from your face.

4. Get the Finishing Touch With Deep Hydration

Once you're mud and peel-free, your entire body will feel fresh, soft and completely renewed. Now lock in the nutrients by finishing off with Essential Day Moisturizer for your face and Dermud Nourishing Body Cream for your body. Since you've deeply cleansed and renewed the skin cells, your skin should be much more receptive to hydration.

Take time once a week to put some deep care into your whole body. With this home spa-day recipe, you can enjoy full revitalization in a comfortable environment, while saturating your skin with minerals that give you a youthful, radiant glow.