Though sometimes written off as extreme, veganism is a lifestyle that offers a host of benefits, both for you and the earth as a whole. From the foods you eat to the clothes you wear and even the beauty products you use, animal based ingredients are found in a vast majority of items and often can be detrimental to your health. Animal products, especially those that are not conscientiously farmed, also contain many hormones, chemicals and fats that cause serious damage to your body. Let's not even mention the harm that these hormones are doing to the animals! Many individuals are choosing to cut out animal products entirely to improve their health and well-being, and to create a safer, friendlier planet for future generations. Read on and learn how going vegan can benefit society and you.

Get a Full-Body Detox

Going vegan is so much more than just not eating meat. You essentially get rid of all animal products - including obvious ones like meat and dairy, but also the less-noticed items like honey and gelatin. Refraining from these foods yields some startling health benefits. Vegans, for instance, have a much lower risk of heart disease and various cancers, and can avoid the dangers of high cholesterol, type-2 diabetes and obesity. You're not only ridding your body of the fats and cholesterol associated with meat, but you're also avoiding the heavy amount of hormones that meat carries, meaning you won't have to worry about their possible side effects.

Changing to a vegan diet obviously benefits the inside of your body, so what can it do for the outside? Meat and dairy products are loaded with saturated fats, which clog pores and can lead to inflammation and acne. They can even break down the collagen in your skin and cause premature aging! If you're craving healthy skin, nixing animal products in favor of whole grains, legumes and produce is the way to go.

Healthy Ingredients, Healthy Skin

As you cut out the bad factors in your diet, you should also apply this to your skincare and clothing as well. Choosing vegan skincare is especially important, since natural, plant-based ingredients are used, which are better for your health and over-all wellbeing. Using plant-based products also protects your skin from harmful ingredients and chemicals found in animal-based products, such as pesticides and hormones… and whatever else the animal has been exposed to. Always check your product’s label to ensure that it is 100% vegan and cruelty free- this ensures that the product hasn’t been tested on animals either.

Clean Up the Environment

Veganism is a fantastic way to give your body a healthy overhaul, but more than that, it can actually help impact the whole environment for the better. Because it takes far more water and land to raise meat than to farm grain and produce, animal farms are becoming an enormous environmental burden that sucks resources and emanates harmful gases. Buying vegan food means you're not contributing in any way to this burden, or to animal exploitation and unsafe farming practices. You can go further into vegan methods by buying only vegan clothing, which is free from chemicals and is made using the highest ethical standards - meaning no animals or children were exploited in the manufacturing process.

Choosing the vegan way is a weighty decision. It impacts every corner of your life, from the foods you eat to the way you dress. But when you consider the enormous toll that animal products and the animal farming industry take on the human body and the environment, the sacrifice suddenly seems minimal in comparison. Start small, and soon you'll be on your way to a healthier you and a better world.