There are so many skincare products on the market that simply hide your face behind a layer of synthetic chemicals, but we know your skin has a natural beauty of its own. Why pile on artificial concealers when you can restore and enhance your skin's elemental glow with these all-natural skincare trends? Let's take a look at some new and ancient skin treatments that are gaining popularity today.

1. Dry Brushing for Renewed Skin

You may not have heard, but this easy technique can soften and smooth your skin in just five minutes a day. All you need is a natural-bristle brush with a handle that can reach your back. Before you jump in the shower, simply begin brushing over your skin in a circular motion from your feet up and your face back down towards your heart. Dry brushing is popular, not only because it removes dead cells and toxins from the outside of your skin, but because it improves circulation and lymph flow to heal your skin from the inside out. This technique has been used by Slavic and Scandinavian Peoples for centuries to maintain good health. There is even evidence that it can improve the appearance of cellulite! After you shower, apply moisturizer to your newly cleansed skin.

2. Essential Oils for Breakouts

Still struggling with pesky breakouts? Then it's time to consider essential oils! We know it sounds crazy to add oil to your already acne-prone skin, but in many other cultures women have been using oils for centuries. The top two bacteria-busting oils gaining popularity in the U.S. are Tea Tree and Neem. These oils help to calm and moisturize inflamed skin and work wonders for clearing up skin. Both can be purchased from most health stores or online. Just dab a little on as a spot treatment, or mix a few drops with your moisturizer for all-over pimple control.

An insider tip: Both oils can have a strong smell, so you may want to use them at bedtime!

3. Individual Mud Mask Packs

Introducing AHAVA's single-use mud mask packs! This is a case of ancient, elemental skincare meets modern convenience for the woman on the go. The mud is harvested from the Dead Sea and is formulated to solve any modern skin problem... from hydrating dry skin, to clearing out pores and reducing wrinkles. These packs are trendy for travelers, and popular with busy women everywhere. You get all of the benefits of nourishing, mineral rich mud, as well as the ease of a ready-to-use product. Mud masks are known to soften the skin, while improving the skin's youthful appearance.

4. Coconut Oil for Daily Conditioning

You've probably heard about the benefits of coconut oil for your diet, but did you know it's also great for your skin? Because of it's high lauric acid content, this stuff is highly moisturizing without clogging your pores. Pacific Island cultures have been using coconut oil for skin protection and conditioning for hundreds of years. Coconut oil even has mild antibacterial and sun protection qualities. It's no surprise that this trend has taken off, given its many benefits to your allover skin wellness! It can be used all by itself or blended with other moisturizing products. For the best results, simply warm a bit between your palms and smooth over all of your dry areas.

5. Sea Salt Exfoliation

Here's another product that is jumping from the kitchen into skincare routines. High-quality sea salt makes a great exfoliation treatment to clear debris and dead skin from your face and all over your body. Some form of salt has been used for skincare since at least the 1800s in Europe, but the trend has really taken off today. For an at-home solution, mix a small amount of finely ground salt with water, scrub gently and rinse just before your normal cleansing routine. If you are looking for something more soothing, check out AHAVA's line of Dead Sea salt products. Dead Sea salt is much more mineral rich than regular sea salt, therefore it is safe to use for weekly exfoliation. These treatments are popular for restoring skin glow. They even tighten and tone to rejuvenate your overall appearance.

No matter which of these trends you try, you'll know that you are enhancing your natural skin health. Nourish your beauty through nature -- you don't need to hide behind artificial products anymore!